Which US Presidents Have Been the Most Popular in a New Poll?

Thomas Markle (left) and Lyndon Johnson are the two most popular presidents of all time.

What are the odds they will be re-elected?

article This is the question that the UK Government is trying to answer with an online survey.

A new poll commissioned by the government suggests the US president’s popularity has fallen to a record low in the country. 

The survey, which is being carried out by Ipsos MORI, was conducted in January and February of this year, when the country was in its first period of the Trump Administration. 

While the numbers suggest Mr Trump has had a very low impact on the United Kingdom, the poll does not appear to be conclusive.

The figures do not include the impact of the Great Brexit or Brexit-style legislation that was enacted in the US after the Brexit vote.

The survey was conducted by Ipso MORI on behalf of the government, with a representative sample of 1,006 adults aged 18+ in the UK. 

One of the key findings of the poll is that, in spite of the economic crisis, Mr Trump is still popular with a majority of the UK’s population.

The poll finds that while the country is not in recession, people still believe that the economy is doing well. 

Among the key questions asked were: “If the Great Britain left the European Union, would you be more likely to support a new President?”

“Would you be less likely to vote for a new US President if the Great British Isles left the EU?”

As the US Presidential election approaches, the government is urging people to take part in a poll to see how the candidates stand on the issues.

In a statement, Ipsos said: “There is no doubt that a strong majority of voters are interested in our Government’s priorities and are willing to take the time to conduct an informed poll on issues like Brexit and the impact that it will have on their daily lives.”

As you might expect, the results of the Ipsos survey are revealing of sorts.

The results show that the majority of people think that the country would benefit from a return to the UK being in the EU. 

However, as Ipsos points out, the Brexit was not that popular with the British people, with only 27% of people saying that they would vote for another UK president.

That figure is well below the 49% who supported leaving the EU in March 2017.


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