Why are we talking about Tomas Newman?

Posted by Tomas on October 16, 2018 04:05:49 If you are a fan of the podcasting scene and want to hear the best interviews and podcasts from the likes of Tomas and Mickalene Newman, here are a few highlights: Tomas Newman – Welcome to The Big Picture, Radio 2, 11th September 2018 Tomas has a love for radio and podcasts and recently returned from a long-awaited visit to the Big Picture Podcasts in the US.

Tomas is the founder of The Big Pixel podcast, which he hosts on the podcast platform Wix and is a regular contributor to the show.

Mickaline Thomas – Welcome, I’m Mickalena Thomas and I’m a host of the radio show The Big One.

We have an eclectic mix of guests and topics.

I’m also a writer and the creator of the new book The Big Show, which is out now.

Mickals podcast is on iTunes and Stitcher, and it’s available on Amazon, where you can also listen to it on your favourite podcast app.

Tomáš Podlomarski – A podcast that looks at life from a modern perspective.

I am the author of How to Get Your Ass Back: How to Create Your Own Podcasts.

This book is available now in paperback and Kindle formats.

The Big Podcasts: A Podcasting Primer with Mickalenes Podcast The Big podcasting series is the only podcast dedicated to the history and evolution of podcasts.

It focuses on the history of podcasts from podcasting pioneers to the current state of the genre.

Mickalines podcast is available on iTunes.

Tomás Podlomski – My favourite podcast is The Big Machine Podcast.

It’s a podcast that I love to listen to every week.

It features some of my favourite interviews and discussions with industry figures.

It is available in audiobook format.

Mickalae Thomas is the co-founder of The BIG ONE podcast and is currently a regular guest on The Big Brain Podcast.

Tomatás Podlovski – One of the most entertaining podcasts I’ve ever listened to is the Tomás and Mickalaes podcast, hosted by Mickales friend Tomás.

It also features a lot of interviews with people I respect from the industry.

The podcast is now available on Spotify.

Micklena Thoms podcast is also available on her website and iTunes.

The big podcasting network The Big Talk is a platform for all things podcasting, with hosts Tomás, Mickalens and Micklens most recent guests including: Tomás Newman and Micklaes Thomas, and a special guest each week.

Tomamas Newman’s podcast was first picked up by WNYC in January 2017 and has since been picked up on the BBC and NPR.

Micklais Thomas has also had her podcast picked up for the BBC’s The Big Breakfast.

Listen to The Tomas & Micklaises podcast, and follow the conversation on Twitter @TomasNewmanPod and on Facebook, where Tomas posts regularly.

Toma is the first person to be a regular on both The Big Radio Show and The Big Mind, both podcasts in the Big Talk network.

In the latter he has been featured on the New York Times Best Podcast List.

He is also the co host of The Tomatas Show podcast, as well as a regular podcast guest.

Tomassons latest book, The Big World, is out today and it is available for download.

Micklines podcast will be released on October 26th, 2018.


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