How to find a better car for your kids

Parents are more likely to buy a new car for their children than their parents, according to a new survey by the Consumer Reports consumer review agency.

The survey found that 70 percent of parents buy a vehicle that has been modified or has a different model than their current vehicle, with 40 percent of the parents buying a vehicle with the newest version of the vehicle.

Only 9 percent of adults bought a car that has never been modified.

The poll also found that parents who said they had children with disabilities were more likely than those who didn’t to own a vehicle modified.

The survey found 46 percent of those who said that they had kids with disabilities owned a vehicle modification.

Only 16 percent of people who said the same of parents who didn.

“We are not surprised by the data,” said Consumer Reports CEO Steve Hahn, who said it is a “pretty good snapshot” of the car buying habits of Americans.

“I would never have expected the [study] to show that,” he said.

“It’s not something you would have expected to see.

But it’s the way that the American people are moving.

They’re going to be buying a lot more vehicles, because there are so many vehicles.”

The survey, which was conducted by Consumer Reports in partnership with The Center for Automotive Research, also found parents who are younger are more willing to invest in a vehicle.

Only 29 percent of young parents said they would buy a car with the new technology, while 70 percent said they were willing to buy one that was “newer.”

Parents also are more satisfied with the cars they buy.

Only 39 percent of children ages 5 to 17 said they liked the vehicle they bought, while 67 percent of older kids said the vehicle was their favorite.

“This study reinforces the importance of getting kids in the car,” said Hahn.

“It shows that parents are making good choices,” he added.

Hahn said that while the survey found many parents were buying a modified vehicle, they were not buying all of it.

“If they were buying all their cars, it would be the perfect vehicle, but not all,” he noted.

“When you look at the car buyers, they’re buying all the cars,” Hahn added.


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