How to read the word ‘disgusting’ in a joke

Antonia Thomas, Samantha Evans and Samantha Thomson look at some of the best jokes about women and men that you’ve probably heard, and why they’re funny.

Source: News24 article Ansonia Thomas Antonias tweets: I am so fucking embarrassed by this, and it’s a real thing.

I was in my twenties and I’d just heard about the first Black Lives Matter protest in New York, and was just so inspired by it.

The idea of seeing people, of saying something and then then hearing a response was just incredibly moving.

So, I had this really vivid moment when I saw the hashtag #blacklivesmatter trending on Twitter.

I just thought: “Oh, this is something that has happened, and I’ve done something.

I’m actually doing something, and that makes me feel really good.”

And so, I started thinking about how I could use that hashtag to say things that I felt were more important than the hashtags, which were just about the fact that I’m a person, and how it felt like I was standing on the edge of the world and saying things that are actually real, and were just a little bit less about me.

So I decided to make this video.

I had a bunch of really funny moments, including when a man, who I didn’t know at the time, said: “I’m sorry, I just wanted to say hello.”

And then I saw his reaction: “You’re such a nice person, but you’re a sexist.

You’re a misogynist.”

So, he’s such a lovely person, a really nice person.

I got to the point where I was like: “Why am I doing this?”

And I started laughing so hard that I was just like: [Laughter] So, one of the things that was really important to me about the video was the idea of taking a stand for women and gender non-binary people.

Because I think that people don’t realise how much that’s changed in the last five years or so.

And when you start to take a stand and you get really involved in activism and you’re saying things and doing things, it’s just really hard to go back to your old ways.

I think, if you look at the video, you see people who are really really passionate about their cause.

And I think we’re all really excited about that.

And so I wanted to take that idea and make it more than just being a token feminist, or being a sexist feminist, it was just about being a person who wants to change the world for the better.

It was really about being an amazing person, really passionate, and having that sense of humour and being funny.

So that was one of my main goals.

I hope people find the video really empowering.

The best thing I can say about the whole thing is that it was really funny.

I mean, it really felt like we were having a good time, and people were just really excited.

I know the hashtag, #blacklambsmatter, started trending last year, and then it became more of a symbol for people who felt that it should be used.

And that’s really inspiring to see.

The second part of the video is the part that was about how women are so often portrayed in the media, and this is where we really wanted to talk about the ways in which we are seen and the way we are represented in our everyday lives.

I want to talk a little about how we use language and how we think about gender and how women’s lives are portrayed in media, so that I can talk about what it’s like to be a woman in this day and age.

We have a whole culture in which women are objectified, and so women are constantly being used as objects, which is not really something that is OK.

We’re constantly told we’re worthless, and we’re not really valued.

So it’s really important for us to understand that there’s a lot of beauty in the way that we talk about and how people see us.

And how we talk, and our words, and what we do and what our lives are like are important.

And it’s important for women to be aware of that, because women are still very much underrepresented in media.

We just don’t have that whole awareness of it, and sometimes it’s not quite acknowledged or appreciated.

And one of things that we’re really interested in is to try and create that space.

So we started to write a script, and a lot has been done on this topic.

I’ve had conversations with a lot different people about how to do this, but I’ve always been really inspired by the fact of the fact there are women who have written about the subject in a way that I feel really proud of.

And the fact we’re talking about it in a space that is actually inclusive,


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