Stephen Bannon is ‘deeply troubled’ by Trump’s tweets

Posted July 08, 2019 13:20:50 A new tweet from the President of the United States has cast doubt on a report that Stephen Bannon has been deeply troubled by the President’s tweets.

The President’s son-in-law and adviser Stephen Bannon was in an office at the White House when Mr Trump’s tweet about “a bad hombre” went out on July 7.

The tweet was followed by another from Mr Bannon, saying that “he was very happy to see the news”.

Mr Bannon tweeted: “It’s good to see so many new voters coming into the fold.

A hombres bad hommie.”

The tweet has been met with widespread condemnation.

A spokesman for Mr Bannon told The Sunday Telegraph: “Stephen Bannon does not condone the use of any violence.

We have a strong team of lawyers at his side to fight this.”

The President is expected to use his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday to discuss the threat posed by North Korea.

Mr Bannon has made it clear that he will use the speech to discuss North Korea’s “reckless” nuclear tests, the US’s recent missile launch and the US military response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“They’ve been going at each other, and that’s the point,” Mr Bannon said.

“If we keep on doing what we’re doing, they’re going to try and take over the world.”

Mr Trump is expected on Wednesday afternoon to make his second major foreign policy speech since taking office on January 20.

The president is expected address the threat from the threat of North Korea, the impact of the coronave virus on American politics, and the economy.

The speech comes after Mr Trump tweeted that the US was “locked and loaded” to respond to North Korea if it carried out a nuclear test or missile launch.

“North Korea will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen,” he said.

Mr Trump’s statement followed a report in The Washington Post on Thursday, which said that Mr Bannon had been “deeply distressed” by the threat.

Mr Trump has been criticised by members of his own party for his apparent lack of knowledge about the coronaves outbreak.

A senior Republican senator on Thursday told ABC Radio’s AM program that Mr Trump should not use his address to address the crisis, and should instead address a broader range of domestic and foreign policy issues.

The President is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress later this month, where he will discuss the state of the economy, and how to improve relations with North Korea and other nations.

He will also use his visit to the UN General Assembly to talk about the threat that North Korea poses to the world and the country, and what he has done to try to stem the pandemic.


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