What do we know about James Franklin, Thomas Hamilton, and Jacoby Lee Simmons?

By Sarah McBride/The National Review The news that former Supreme Court Justice James Franklin and former U.S. Rep. Jacoby L. Simmons were indicted on charges of racketeering and tax evasion is only the latest salvo in a campaign to bring down the two men.

But they are not the only prominent politicians accused of taking bribes in exchange for favorable treatment.

While the indictments against former President Barack Obama, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former Vice President Joe Biden, former House Speaker Paul Ryan, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice are the latest in a string of high-profile corruption investigations, the breadth of the investigation is staggering.

As the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent has reported, the case against the three men includes an indictment of all three, a racketeering conspiracy, an agreement to pay bribes in return for favorable legislation, and money laundering and money-laundering conspiracy.

It is hard to overstate the scale of the corruption allegations against Franklin, Hamilton, Simmons, and Rice.

The Post reported that the indictment accuses Franklin of accepting a $2 million bribe to settle a lawsuit with the United States Justice Department, a $1.5 million bribe in return of favorable treatment from the IRS, and $1 million in bribes to the Internal Revenue Service to influence its enforcement.

The indictment also alleges that in exchange, Franklin and Simmons agreed to help prosecutors charge former President Obama with corruption in 2008, to help convict former Speaker Pelosi of corruption in 2009, and to help impeach former Vice Speaker Ryan in 2013.

The charges against these prominent politicians were all dropped in February.

The indictments have been particularly hard to defend since the indictions against Obama and Ryan were dropped after the indictors recanted their claims.

The president and the speaker recanted the charges after being questioned by a grand jury.

“I recanted that I had a financial interest in the case,” Obama told reporters after the recantations.

“That is the most important thing for me.”

But the indicting of the three politicians has left the investigation as one of the most complicated, politically toxic, and potentially damaging scandals in U.K. history.

The case against Franklin and Hamilton dates back to the early 2000s, when they were both members of the House of Lords.

They were accused of bribery and other misconduct by a House committee in 2009.

The House of Commons ethics committee cleared the trio of wrongdoing, but the Senate ethics committee did not.

After being subpoenaed to testify in the House Ethics Committee investigation, Franklin admitted to accepting $1,000 in bribes from a group of business owners to secure favorable treatment for the U.N. General Assembly’s Human Rights Commission.

He also admitted to helping to secure a $500,000 bonus for the chairman of the Commission.

Franklin’s defense team, led by his former lawyer and now a Democratic donor, Michael Crichton, claimed that the committee was investigating Franklin for political motives and that the $500k bonus was a “punch in the face” to his political opponents.

The New York Times reported that Franklin’s lawyers said that Franklin was not involved in the bribe scheme and that he never received any money from the commission.

Franklin has denied the allegations, and Crichson told reporters that the evidence against him was “ridiculous.”

The Senate Ethics Committee was eventually able to charge Franklin in 2014, and he was indicted in 2016.

He pleaded not guilty to the bribery and tax-evasion charges.

The Senate’s probe was the most serious and expensive of any Senate investigation into Franklin’s conduct.

It was also one of several investigations into Franklin in which the House ethics committee was also conducting an investigation.

The committee is now reviewing whether Franklin should have to resign his seat on the House committee.

As The New Republic’s Ryan Cooper pointed out in a recent piece, the committee has been “the most serious political inquiry in the United Kingdom for a decade.”

This case is also notable for the extent to which the investigation was conducted by Republicans, who have long been the most outspoken critics of Franklin.

The three prominent Republican lawmakers who have been indicted are none other than the current Speaker of the United State House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi is one of three current members of Congress to be indicted for alleged corruption, and she faces up to six months in prison.

The other two are former Vice Presidents Biden and Ryan.

Former House Speaker Ryan was also indicted, but he was convicted of misdemeanor fraud and breach of trust.

Biden was charged with two felony counts of accepting $500 million in improper contributions to his campaign and the Democratic National Committee, but his charges were dropped when the U-S Attorney for the Southern District of New York decided not to pursue the case.

As Politico reported, Biden’s lawyer has claimed that his client has never been involved in any of the cases and has


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