How to stop being a racist, sexist jerk and be more awesome

Posted by Sarah on Tuesday, June 13, 2018 07:37:52 It was a long and painful night for the many black women and trans people who are still dealing with the effects of racism, transphobia and violence.

This was an extremely difficult night, and a lot of people have spoken out in support of the trans community.

As a result, I am writing to share some advice for anyone who has had to face these kinds of difficult times.


Stay calm.

We all have our moments of rage and anger, but don’t let it derail your day.

I know this sounds obvious, but this isn’t a time to feel bad or upset.

When people think about racism, they think of the white person who said something racist, the black person who felt uncomfortable with a black person wearing makeup or the person who thinks someone is being disrespectful when they wear a dress.

Don’t let this negativity make you feel bad about yourself or others.


Speak up.

If you feel like you’re being treated unfairly, speak up.

Ask why you’re treated differently and whether you feel you can help.

This will be a very personal and intimate conversation.

Sometimes, you may not feel comfortable with what you’re saying or you may feel uncomfortable with the way you’re speaking.

This is OK.

If the person you’re talking to thinks you’re not being sincere, ask them why they’re treating you differently.

Sometimes they’ll say they don’t want to talk about it, but they will eventually.

Ask them if they can be respectful of your opinion.

You’ll also want to consider what the other person might think.


Accept that your experience may not be as valid as others.

There are certain aspects of racism and transphobic attitudes that we do not experience in every community, and there are people in every group who do not live up to their ideals.

Accept this.

If someone says something racist or transphilic to you, acknowledge it and take a moment to let them know.

This may feel like a tough ask, but if you listen and learn, you will be able to do better.


Speak out when you see transphobes.

When we hear about people using the pronouns they/them/their, we can feel like we’re missing a huge part of who we are and our humanity.

It is time to make sure we are speaking up and doing our part to be seen as people who can be allies.

When you see someone using a slur or trans-phobic term, speak out.

If that person is trans, ask yourself if it is okay for you to use the slur or use transphibes to describe someone.

If so, share your thoughts and opinions.

It’s never too late to change your mind, so make sure you speak up!


Take a step back.

When it comes to racism and discrimination, we all have experiences that are not always positive.

When racism and sexism are pervasive, it can feel difficult to stop it.

You can do this by taking a step-back and understanding what it is that you’re dealing with, and by taking some time to take a step away from it and move on.

We are human, and we all need time to reflect and move forward.

If racism and violence are prevalent in your community, it may help to consider how you can change your ways.

If not, it is always important to speak up when you hear about it.

And don’t forget to share your experiences, thoughts and experiences to help us all move forward together.


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