When is the next ‘Star Wars’ film?

It’s been nearly a decade since “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” hit theaters, and in that time, it’s been the subject of some pretty intense debate and speculation about what exactly happened.

And as we continue to look forward to the third installment, the question of what will happen next has come up in the midst of the release of the latest “Star Trek” film.

The original “Star Tours” film trilogy has been around since 1983, and “Starfleet Academy” features scenes that take place just prior to the events of “Return of the Jedi.”

But fans have been clamoring for answers for some time, and a new trailer that shows off new footage from “StarWars: The Last Jedi” has the question “when” answered.

The trailer opens with a still of a new planet that appears to be the same planet seen in “The Force Awakens,” and the teaser shows that it’s a planet with a dark green hue, which could be a hint that something is happening in that planet.

The planet then shows up in a new light in the teaser.

But as we see in the footage, the planet’s surface is covered in green, which may indicate that there’s something going on on that planet, but the planet is also dark in the new footage.

So what is the green color of “Star wars: The last Jedi?”

We have an idea, according to the trailer, and we know it’s green because the “Last Jedi” trailer has been shown with green-and-white light, and it appears that there is green in the “Star” logo.

But there’s more to this green than just the color of the logo.

The green color is actually a result of the light emitted from a green crystal, which is part of a planet called D’Qar.

The “Star-Wars: the Last Jedi: D’qar” trailer also shows a scene of a ship approaching an unknown planet in the Star Wars universe.

As you can see in this footage, D’qsark, a planet that was previously unknown to us, appears in the trailer.

D’quar is a large, red, blue- and green-colored planet that has been mentioned in the original “Journey to the Center of the Milky Way” film, and the planet also appears in a “StarTrek: The Next Generation” episode called “D’Qaran.”

So, “StarStar Wars” fans may be wondering, “What is the significance of the green planet in “Star’ Wars: Last Jedi?

“The answer is, the green is actually the symbol for the Jedi Order, and there is a “Jedi Order” on D’Quar, according, to the “Trek” website.

So, the answer is that it could be an indication that a Jedi Order is going to be arriving in the upcoming film, “The Last Jedi.”

That said, it seems as though the green may just be a result the light that is emitted from the crystal on Dquar, and that green planet could be something else.

In the trailer for “The Star Wars: Force Awakens”, we see the Jedi Knight Kylo Ren on the planet D’ Quar, which he is also on the same side of in “Return” and in “Attack of the Clones.”

Kylo’s ship is a ship that is known to be called “The Rancor.”

And while we don’t know what kind of ship it is, it does appear to be a large-scale starship with a lot of lightsabers.

In fact, in the film, Ren’s ship was one of the ships used to fight the Empire.

The ship’s name, “Rancor,” is also the name of a character from “The Lord of the Rings,” who also appeared in “J.J. Abrams’ ‘The Last Crusade.'”

In addition, we know that the Rancors were also part of the Star Fleet before the events in “A New Hope.”

So it appears as though there are some elements of the ship that have been changed from the original Star Wars trilogy, but that does not necessarily mean the ship is going into “The Final Battle” of the “Force Awakens.”

It’s still unknown what happens to the ship in the final battle of “The last Jedi,” and there are a number of theories that are floating around on the internet.

For example, some fans have speculated that the “Ranchor” might be used to capture Kylo to the dark side, and Kylo may ultimately defeat the Sith Lord Darth Vader, but he will still die at the hands of Ren.

Or, it could turn out that the ship just became part of Ren’s plan, and Ren is able to escape from the ship and escape to the Dark Side.

Either way, we don,t know what happens in the end, but it is a possibility that we are definitely going to see the “Return and Attack of the


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