How to make your own pizza crust in the microwave

The basics of pizza crust making can be pretty intimidating.But thanks to the advancements of pizza manufacturing, you can now make it at home.Here are the basics of how to do it.1.Start with a pizza crustYou know, it’s not exactly the kind of thing that makes you feel like you’ve accomplished anything, but that’s kind […]

How to find the best thomas pets

The thomas and Francesca Petrou are a couple who live near the Port of Halifax.The couple says their two dogs have taken over their home, but that they still have some issues to deal with.“They have been aggressive, they have gotten into the bedroom,” said Petrou.“I’ve had a few fights, and they have become quite […]

Marlo Thomas, Angie Thomas, and the ‘Tomboy Rebellion’

Marlo Thomases parents, who own and run a local boutique jewelry shop, say they’re not “outraged” by what they call the “tomboy rebellion” against their daughter, Angies jewelry store.They are.They believe that their daughter was kidnapped and murdered.They’re calling for an end to the harassment, threats and intimidation.In a letter to CNN, Marlo says she […]

How to find your perfect date for the best price

When it comes to choosing a date, there are few better ways to find a date than to go to a restaurant.While there are many great restaurant options, some are a bit pricey.In this article, we’ll explore which restaurants offer the best value for money in terms of both price and dining experience.Read moreRead moreRead […]

How to tell if you’re having a seizure: A guide

It is a common experience for many to feel unwell during a seizure.A common cause is a condition called asthenia.Asthenia is when your brain stops working properly and your muscles get tired.People who are asthenic are usually anxious, moody, and often have difficulty concentrating.But sometimes they feel a seizure as well.They might be in a […]

How to fix a laptop battery that’s already dead

It’s not uncommon for laptop batteries to run out of juice.But even the most seasoned techies will tell you to keep them plugged in.A recent study found that most laptops have around 10,000 hours of battery life left, but it can take a few weeks for the battery to fully recharge.Luckily, the average laptop battery […]


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