How to get your hands on Samsung Galaxy S8 in less than 2 hours

Samsung is launching its new flagship Galaxy S9 next week, and in an attempt to make sure it’s up to snuff, the company is launching a new ad campaign that aims to get you to buy it in under two hours.

The campaign, called ‘Kurt’s Hands’, was first spotted by SamsungInsider and it shows the ad-free Galaxy S10, which is available to buy right now for £629.

But the ads are only available on Samsung’s own website.

‘KURT’S HANDS’ Samsung has put together a series of short videos that give us a look at how to get to the Samsung Galaxy s9 and Galaxy s8 before they go on sale next week.

The first, entitled ‘Kurts Hands’ is a short video that shows how to open up the Samsung Gear S8 and get to Samsung’s new flagship phone in under 2 hours.

This video is aimed at Samsung’s loyal Samsung Galaxy fans, who can get the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and S7 edge Plus for only £699, but can also get a Galaxy S6 for only $999.

Samsung’s first Galaxy S series phone, the Galaxy Note 8, is available for only €699, while its Galaxy S3 is available only for €999.

So, even if you’re not a Galaxy fan, you can get your Samsung Galaxy hands on in less time than two hours with the Galaxy s7, s7 edge and s7 line.

Samsung has also launched a special Samsung Galaxy 10 phone with a new S-Pen.

Samsung says this new phone is ‘more flexible than the Galaxy 8 Plus’, and will offer a ‘full-size touch screen’ with ‘a new Pen’ and ‘a pen for writing and drawing’.

The Samsung Galaxy 9 is a full-sized handset that can also be used as a stylus.

The Samsung S9 will also include a new ‘S Pen’ pen and Samsung’s ‘S-Pen Pencil’ stylus for stylus use.

The Galaxy S 10 will also be available in gold and silver colours, and will cost around £599 for the Galaxy 10 and £699 for the S9.

The new Galaxy phones will also come with an NFC chip, and Samsung says it will be able to connect the phones via Bluetooth to ‘any other device with NFC capabilities’.

Samsung has not announced pricing for the new Galaxy line of phones yet, but SamsungInsiders has found the Galaxy line to be priced significantly cheaper than its flagship line.

You can read more about the Galaxy Series 10 here.

‘SHIELD’S KURTS’ Another video shows how you can open up Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S smartphone, the S8, in less then two hours, using Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy Note 10.

The video is a video from SamsungInspector, which gives us a little taste of what the new Samsung Galaxy smartphones can do when it comes to the Galaxy hardware.

‘SENSOR’S SKILLS’ This is an ad that will show you how to use the Samsung S10 smartphone with the Samsung Note 7.

This is the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone to come with a smartwatch app, which Samsung hopes will help users to ‘get more done on the go’.

The new Samsung Gear VR, a VR headset, is also available for £349.

SamsungInsist has found that the Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S2 are the only phones on sale that can be bought in the UK without a subscription.

However, if you want to get one for less than £249, you will need to be a Samsung customer.

The best way to get a Samsung Galaxy phone for less is to get the Samsung Elite 2, which has a 5-inch screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and Android 7.1 Nougat.

It’s available to purchase from the Samsung Store and costs £199.99.

Samsung also has an 8GB model of the Samsung Super AMOLED 4K display for £279.99, and there are other options, including the Samsung NX, which comes with a 5.2-inch Super AMO display for just £399.99 (with a £5 discount).

SamsungInsidethis will run through a series to show you what Samsung has in store for the next two years.


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