Christmas tree: An Australian artist makes a Christmas tree with Christmas-themed animals

A Christmas tree in Melbourne, Australia.

(RNZ/Logan Campbell)Artist Thomas Davies, who lives in the Australian city of Melbourne, is making a Christmas-inspired Christmas tree that will make you laugh out loud.

“We are actually doing a holiday tree that’s all animals and that is the tree we’re making,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“The tree is just a tree made out of cardboard, cardboard cutouts of various animals and the tree is made from cardboard cut outs of various things.”

“I wanted to create something that was going to make you smile because it’s a bit of a joke.”

It’s really easy to make and it is actually quite cute.

“But I don’t think it is going to cause a big fuss.”

I think it will just make people laugh and laugh.”‘

I really think I’m going to cry’Davies told ABC Radio Melbourne he is making his Christmas tree for the first time.”

So this is the first tree that I’ve ever made,” he said.”

And I think that’s why I’m doing this because I really think that I’m just going to be so sad.

“Davides said the tree has been decorated with hundreds of holiday decorations.”

There’s so many Christmas lights in there, you can put them up in the air and it’s very colourful,” he explained.”

In a way, it’s going to bring people together.

“He said he has spent $4,000 of his own money to make the tree.”

This was going for $20,000,” he added.”

They have a Christmas sale every year and this is what I’ve put together.

“Christmas tree maker Thomas Davies makes a new Christmas tree from cardboard.

(Thomas Davies)Davids said he is now going to try to raise $1 million to make his Christmas decorations bigger.”

If it’s $1,000, that’s a lot of money,” he remarked.”

That’s a really good amount of money, I think.

“Darling said she was very pleased with the Christmas tree.’

I’ve got to say, it was really fun’She said she had been planning to have a tree of her own for Christmas.”

When I was looking at it, I thought I would make it myself,” she said.

Davishes said she has been a fan of the holiday season since she was a child.”

Christmas is such a big thing for me and I’ve always wanted to have something,” she told ABC radio.”

To be able to make something that I can be proud of is something I’m very happy with.””

It just makes me happy that I made it and that it’s good.


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