The death of Kevin Thomas is tragic, says his friend

Posted October 05, 2018 07:53:56 Kevin Thomas was a young, smart and talented young man.

He was also a little bit strange.

He had his own sense of humour, was very sensitive and didn’t get along with anyone, he told me.

But one day, he met a girl he fell in love with, and they started dating.

It was love at first sight.

And when the pair broke up, he found himself feeling very alone.

And as he struggled to find a new place to live, Kevin was determined to find his way back to the family home in Brampton.

So Kevin and I decided to take a look around and see what it was like to be a married couple.

Kevin and I were looking for a place to settle down and a place that would allow us to be together for the first time in a long time.

We decided that if we didn’t move out of the house soon, we would have to find somewhere else to live.

And so we started looking around.

We searched for a rental property and found the perfect one.

But Kevin’s wife was not going to accept that he had found a new home.

Kevin had to find something that would be a bit more comfortable.

So we decided to look at the other people we knew in the neighbourhood and see if they would be willing to rent to us.

So we decided on renting an apartment.

We had a little space, and a room to ourselves.

We were ready.

And we did just that.

The first week, Kevin and we rented an apartment in a very nice apartment complex in the city.

The second week, we rented another apartment.

And the third week, a little less nice apartment.

But not a bad place.

It felt very comfortable.

It felt like we were living with the family and not our own.

So it was easy for Kevin to be home with us and to take time out of his busy schedule to spend time with us.

He took great care of us.

He put up with all the things that were bothering us.

But we could tell he was not ready to be in our lives, and we knew we needed to find some way to break the news to him.

The two of us knew that if the couple were going to break up, it would have been best if Kevin was with us at all times.

We also knew that Kevin would be very happy to see us all again, and he was very supportive of our plans to move out and start a new life in a new neighbourhood.

Kevin was so happy to be with us again.

I felt so lucky to have met Kevin, and so happy for him.

We were going through so much together, and there was no place we were going that would give us peace and quiet.

We could not wait to move in together.

And I think the best part was that we were doing this with the support of a very close friend.

And Kevin and his wife were doing the best they could with what they had, and with the help of Kevin and the people they knew.

So for Kevin, it was all worth it.

The whole process was so difficult.

But he was determined and determined to be happy in our new life.

The only problem was that I had to leave the neighbourhood.

And he was so angry.

I don’t know what Kevin was going to do with his life, but I know that he knew he would be left behind if he left Brampton behind.

So I left him alone.

It didn’t matter if it was the best decision for Kevin.

It would be the best for us.

We had to be the people he wanted to be.

I had to make sure I made it.

I could not do it.

And that is why, for the past four months, I have been looking for another place to move.

But the reality is that it is too late.

Kevin’s wife has given up on the idea of staying with us, and Kevin is ready to leave.

Kevin is looking for somewhere he can be free to be his own person.

So, Kevin is going to stay with us in Bramp, Ontario.

Kevin, my heart breaks for you, but you are loved.

We will miss you very much.

You will always be in my heart.

Kevin Thomas and his family, Kevin Thomas and family, Posted October 08, 2018 06:51:16 We were both sad to see Kevin go.

We love you Kevin Thomas.

We are devastated to see you go.

Kevin Thomas, family,Posted October 09, 2018 01:45:32 I just want to say thank you for everything you did for Kevin and me, and for the time you spent with us before you moved out.

Kevin Thompson, family and friends Posted October 09 and 10, 2018 17:25:27 We will miss Kevin very much, but we know that you will be the happiest man we know.

KevinThomasFamily and friendsPosted October 11, 2018 14:


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