How to be a more responsible parent

With its parents increasingly coming under fire for the actions of their children, a new documentary film called ‘How to Be a More Responsible Parent’ has been commissioned to shed some light on the subject.


The documentary, which is being made by the same production company as the award-winning documentary ‘We’re All in This Together’, tells the story of two parents who have chosen to take the time to talk about their parenting philosophies and how they deal with the constant onslaught of social media posts.

A series of interviews with parents who were previously hesitant to speak out, as well as interviews with family members, have been recorded, and the results of the research will be used in the film.

Producer Paul Tett says that his goal is to present an open dialogue about how our generation is being impacted by the social media era and the pressures placed on parents by the demands of our lives.

“When parents talk about how their parenting styles are changing, it becomes difficult to be critical of them,” he says.

“But that’s a real thing and a real problem we’ve all got.

So we wanted to make sure we had something that is as honest as possible about what it is we’re talking about, and we wanted something that can be seen by a wider audience.

I think we’ve got a great team behind us.

We’ve got two talented people, with a great story to tell, and they have a great idea for how to tell the story.”

What does it mean for parents?

“A lot of our children are doing better than they ever have, and parents are responding more to them.

But that doesn’t mean parents aren’t doing the right thing.

It means they are doing it in a different way, with different techniques.

The best parents are always the ones who are going out and talking to their kids, who are listening to them, listening to what they are saying and supporting them, but they are also listening to their peers and helping them find their own path.”

What can parents expect from the documentary?

“The documentary will show parents how they are going about it, how they handle their kids’ social media interactions and how it affects their parenting.

What we want to do is get a snapshot of what is going on in the real world.

We want to show parents as they are interacting with their children.”

Is it safe for children to watch?

“We think it’s safe for all children, including children of parents who are not married, to watch the documentary.

Children under the age of 13 can watch it without parental supervision, and it is also OK for older children to share with their parents.

However, we don’t recommend that children younger than 18 watch the programme because we do not think that the documentary is appropriate for that age group.”

We want to make a documentary about the world of parents that are parents, that are a lot of the time, but don’t have all the details, and that we don, we want people to understand how they have been and what they’re dealing with, and how the world around them is changing.

“What will it show?”

It’s an intimate look at the world in which we live, and also how it changes around us.

It is going to show how things are changing and how parenting is changing.

It is going be a film that people will want to listen to and understand.

We’re hoping it will help parents to think about how they can be more responsible, because that is a very difficult conversation to have.

And we hope that parents will have a greater understanding of what it means to be responsible for their children’s well-being and how parents are going to be able to make it better.


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