An American lawyer’s stunningly brave escape from China

The escape of an American lawyer and his wife in the Chinese city of Dalian, which has been plagued by riots for years, was captured on camera by a reporter for The New York Times.

It was not the first time that lawyers in Dalian had gone on the run after a court ruling, but this was the first instance where the pair was captured alive by the police.

The story is based on the work of the Times reporter, Adam Gopnik, who has spent the last year in Dalia, which is the home city of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

His book about the case was published last month, and Gopnick spoke to The Times about the harrowing ordeal.

Gopnik and his girlfriend, Carrie, a Chinese citizen, left China on April 16, but had to stay in Dalian for a week after their departure to ensure their safety.

They spent the week in a hotel and had no way to leave, so Carrie and the family of the lawyer, Thomas Bangalter, had to travel to Dalian and spend a night in a motel.

They did not know if they were going to be able to return to their families, but they knew they had to leave the hotel.

Carrie told the Times that she was not worried about the riots, and that they did not want to risk their lives.

She said:We had no money and we were going out of our way to go into Dalian.

The police told us that they were not going to arrest us and we could leave the city.

We didn’t have money, but we had no other options.

We had a lot of things to worry about, so we were terrified.

We were afraid that we were not safe.

The couple said they felt “betrayed” and “disgusted” by the authorities, and the authorities “shouldn’t be able take our money”.

They were arrested by the Chinese police and brought to Dalia.

Gapnik said he was shocked by what he saw: “It was a horrible scene of a family being taken away by police, beaten, and threatened with arrest and torture.

The policemen put handcuffs on the families, and they kept them handcuffed.

The family of Thomas Bangalter was then told to lie on the floor and wait for the police to come and arrest them.

They had to wait until a couple of hours before the police arrived, so they could get the handcuffs off.

They were being beaten, beaten by the mob, and then were told that they could leave, and so they did.”

In their interview with The Times, Carrie and Thomas told the story of how they managed to escape the city by themselves.

Carrie was also accompanied by their children, who had to accompany her to the airport.

The children were kept behind and had to watch the escape.

“It’s very difficult to leave in your own house and in the middle of a riot,” Carrie told The Times.

“You feel helpless and that you should not even think about leaving.”

“We had absolutely no choice but to run away,” Thomas told The New Times.

They did not realise they were leaving until they were standing outside the hotel in front of the police station.

They went in and out of the hotel and out into the streets and back again.

Gopnick was also surprised by the number of people who came to the rescue, even though it was just the couple of them.

“There were hundreds of people running out and hiding in the street.

They knew we were running away,” he said.”

It was absolutely terrifying to be on the street and not knowing if they would be able find us.”

Carrie and her family were finally rescued by the family members of Thomas and Carrie Bangalter.

The two were taken back to the United States, where they were reunited with their children.

Despite the ordeal, Carrie said she was very proud of her family.

“I know that it took them so long to make it back, and I am proud of them,” she said.

“They are very grateful to the people who helped them.

We had no idea that they had so many people on the streets helping us, but that was really amazing to see.”

The story of the couple and their escape is one of the more dramatic ones that has been captured on video in recent years, but it is also one that has attracted attention from other countries, including Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

Gopanik said that in the years following the arrest of the Bangalters, the police in China have “changed their ways”.

He said:There was an incredible change in the way the Chinese state police treat people.

Now they are really more lenient.

There is a more open-minded attitude towards people, and a much greater willingness to accept people.

He said the police have also become much more


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