What’s next for the Pixar team after they’re gone?

Recode’s Matt Yglesias explains what’s next with Pixar after the company’s departure of Thomas Dolby and Thomas Pynchons.1 / 6 Recode: Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Paul Giamatti leave Pixar source Recodes article Recoding’s Ygleias talks about the new movie “The Shape of Water” and his upcoming trip to Cannes.1:37 Recode/ABC: Tom Hardy, Amy Adams, and […]

How to find your perfect date for the best price

When it comes to choosing a date, there are few better ways to find a date than to go to a restaurant.While there are many great restaurant options, some are a bit pricey.In this article, we’ll explore which restaurants offer the best value for money in terms of both price and dining experience.Read moreRead moreRead […]

How to fix a laptop battery that’s already dead

It’s not uncommon for laptop batteries to run out of juice.But even the most seasoned techies will tell you to keep them plugged in.A recent study found that most laptops have around 10,000 hours of battery life left, but it can take a few weeks for the battery to fully recharge.Luckily, the average laptop battery […]

How to Stop Being the Victim of Rape Culture

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How to find your next favorite team in Madden 17

I’m just a fan of Madden.It’s one of the most enjoyable sports video games ever, with a fun gameplay and deep customization options.But if you’re like me, you’re also very good at finding the perfect team for your next game.The Madden team is my favorite and I’ve been looking for the perfect roster for a […]


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