When I came to the U.S., my family and I didn’t have much money, but I did have a lot of hope. I wanted to give back to the Jewish community in my hometown, and to help others in need. In the aftermath of the attacks in New York and New Jersey, I realized I had a real connection with Jewish life, especially in my small hometown of Columbus, Ohio. In 2015, when I was in high school, I joined a local synagogue and made a commitment to be more active. But when the attacks began, I found it very difficult to remain a member of the community. I was too scared to leave the synagogue, so I ended up staying home from school and working at my local bakery. When I returned home after the attack, I decided to join the UAB chapter of the NAACP, and that was the beginning of a lifelong friendship. In 2018, I was honored to be chosen as a candidate for the U-M board of trustees, and after receiving the support of many other students and alumni, I have been able to support the UUB since I joined the board. My role has included developing our mission, leading the UUA’s fundraising efforts, and guiding our mission through the 2018-19 academic year. My work has also helped UUB students, alumni, and the community grow and flourish through our mission and our relationships with the community, especially through the mentorship program. In 2017, I graduated with honors from the College of Business Administration and received my master’s degree in finance and management from the University of Southern California. I have a love for entrepreneurship, and I want to continue to serve my community in many ways. My focus on community service has allowed me to build a foundation for future leadership in our community, as well as serve the university. In 2017, the UMB Foundation awarded me a scholarship to attend the University at Buffalo. During the commencement ceremony, President M.T. Waters announced that the U MB Foundation would be awarding me the prestigious, Distinguished Fellow Award for outstanding leadership. On Monday, April 20, 2019, UAB University at Bloomington will mark its centennial. I am grateful for the opportunities UUB has provided for me, and for the opportunity to serve this community. I am especially proud of the UBUF, the university’s graduate students and staff, the faculty and staff of the College, and of the many volunteers and students who have contributed to the campus. The University at Rochester is an amazing place to study, work, play, and play basketball. It’s the only university in the US. with more than 200,000 students. It is home to the University Athletic Association and the American Association of University Professors. And it’s one of the largest college athletics programs in the world. Today, I will be taking my place on the ULB Board of Trustees as the chair of the Board of Governors. The UUB Foundation and the UU Board of Regents are proud of my leadership, my commitment to service, and my passion for UUB. And now, I look forward to continuing to work with our University and the entire community to help them reach their full potential. David A. Miller, DPhil, is a former president of the University System of New York (USN) and chair of The Board of Directors of the Institute for Economic Policy Research (IEPR). The views expressed in this

are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy of the Department of the Navy, U. S. Navy or U. U. As, the views expressed are solely the views of the author and do so in his/her discretion.


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